webgraphic_despacio-1I got to attend my first ever TEDx event in my new city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this past weekend. What a great way to get to know some of the more forward thinking, passionate people here!

The topics were organized loosely around the concept of “de: spacio” or ‘slowly’.  In the organizer’s words:

De:Spacio is at one level a temporality – it is about slowing down, about being ‘present’ in the moment. But at another level, De:Spacio is also about realizing the potential of our locality, about nurturing connectedness to our ‘presence’ in space. 

An Amish Futurist?

The speakers were an eclectic group, each with a passionate point of view based on their own in-depth experiences exploring their subject matter firsthand. From an experimental musical duo who collaborate with musicians via video to the self-proclaimed Amish Futurist, a Neuropsychologist, an expert in sustainable water harvesting and an irreverent crowd-funder who achieved insane success by celebrating (and learning from) failure.

Like all speakers invited to participate in a TED talk, each of these folks was a high achieving, accomplished individual, and yet each referenced the importance of connecting and extending one’s focus out beyond the self into the community at-large as a means to jumpstart the change humanity and the globe needs at the micro-community level clear through to that of the entire globe.

Speakers: TEDx San Miguel de Allende 2014

Speakers: TEDx San Miguel de Allende 2014

Wait, Am I a Loser?

I operate at a fairly high level with all my interests and projects, and yet I find myself constantly wondering:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Am I achieving enough?
  • Am I creating a meaningful legacy?

The reason I get bogged down the way I do is I lose sight of the importance of only needing to be an honest, ernest part of the magnificent whole. No one of us is going to be THE change this world needs. We’re all having to come together to instigate change and turn this ship around!

What a Fun Illustration of This Idea!

Weirdly and delightfully the video clip below came to my attention the day after the TEDx event and illustrates my point exactly! Each dancer is at the top of his or her game, and could no doubt hold our attention and entertain us handily – but looks how when they coordinate their unique efforts and put them all together the entertainment experience increases exponentially and some amazing is created!

This is an amazing eight minutes of superb individual and group accomplishment and what solving the world’s problems would look like if we each consider our input an important part of the whole solution!

Who Are You?

Who are you in this amazing piece? Cab Calloway? One of the Nicholas BrothersLena Horn? The smiling dude playing the drums? One of the zoot-suited fellas? One of the beautiful opening girls?Does it even matter exactly what role you play in the choreography? Isn’t every part awesome! Even the cameramen, the costume designers, the carpenters who built the set – they all mattered in the creation of this happy piece and this is true of high achieving TEDx Talkers and those of us in the audience.

We All Matter

Each one of us who connects, tries, ponders, worries, solves, reaches out, visualizes, supports, notices, celebrates and generally operates within the scope of our passions and abilities to make this a wonderful world for us all is an important part of the Whole. Funny how a random video clip can illustrate a point perfectly.