Woody Woodpecker and Me

Years ago – like, maybe, twenty – when the internet was new I wanted to snag my business name as a dot com. Luckily it had already been taken by a cartoonist named Martin in New York (http://www.martoons.com).

There was a show coming up and I needed to coordinate my sales materials with a web site pronto so I gave my brain cells a little exercise and came up with a new name for my work and – lo petunias – it was available as a domain name! I couldn’t believe it! No one else had claimed HappyArt yet.

Fitting, no? I thought so. In fact I liked it so much I registered it as a proper trademark. I couldn’t believe it was available that way too. The last owner of it had been Walt Lantz, which I thought was rockin’ awesome because he had created Woody Woodpecker!

Here he is in his first cartoon:

So I built my first web site using code that today would probably look like cave paintings to a new age code monkey — but nested tables were all we had at the time children…
The web site techniques I learned working on my own site eventually grew into a business for me largely replacing my art creation. I became www.StudioMudio.com but always kept www.happyart.com (hello you’re here already I ain’t gonna link it!) on my personal roster for a ‘rainy day’. Well thanks to a crazy economy that day has come and I’m refocusing back on HappyArt!

I don’t own the trademark any more – it lapsed after 10 years and the paperwork never caught up with me which is fine because mostly it’s all about who owns the dot com these days unless you’re one of The Bigs like Coke or Pepsi or some such.

Help Me!

I’m getting ready for my first retail show after a fifteen year hiatus and am designing a new logo. I want your help choosing! Please pick one, Dog or Unicorn!

HappyArt Logo - Dog

HappyArt Logo - Unicorn

Feel free to add your comments too. Thank you!!
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