When you work hard with special care or effortlessly from some kind of pure place of personally unique concentration then the art you are creating is precious and unparalleled in value. That this is true whether or not a juror helping assemble a show thinks it’s a good fit or not into that show doesn’t take away from any of this value. Ever. Can’t happen. Good work reflects unique vision. And unique vision operates quite beyond the financial realm. Mind you, most of us can’t afford to lock into pure Vision and pay our bills so some commercialization or popularization of our artistic voice has to happen in order for it to relate to the hearts of the people who will eventually connect with and even buy our work.

That’s ok, that’s just us interpreting our unique Vision for the outside world. Part of the education process we artists offer the world at-large.

Ain’t no jury gonna tell you otherwise. What’s yours is yours and rejections can’t take that from you.

Don’t absorb whatever energy you think might be contained in a non-invite to ANY show. Chances are it’s not the integrity of your work, your images, or your booth that done your chances in this go round – more likely it’s just a plethora of entries bouncing off the eyes of well intentioned jurors who must stay somewhat mindful of the potential of the local populace to embrace the work they’re choosing. As much as not being included into a show shouldn’t hurt is as much as being included in a show shouldn’t make you feel good!

Don’t absorb any of that noise. None of it’s healthy. Stay pure to your Vision, your process, your optimism and know that what happens next is perfect and right – no matter what.

Figure these shows are all moving targets and the best way to catch the ones you need are to:

  • apply to multiple shows with an open mind
  • stay true to you vision but
  • be willing to grow and adapt when doing so serves you
  • Big shows aren’t always big shows and neither are little ones always little ones

When you don’t get into the shows you hoped for log into ArtFairInsider.com to semi-privately blow off steam so you can go back to your drawing board and design or re-do the work you feel reflects the world you care to illuminate. Because no jury’s decision is going to help you do that, yea or nae. That’s not their job. That’s your job. And you do it well. You do it so well you’re unstoppable!