Yay! Professionally embroidered labels!

Literally! By getting back into creating wearables, this time from scratch so to speak, I thought I should design a proper label. This was a fun project to wrap around my little February brain. Of course, me being me, I chose a BRIGHT color scheme.

If you’re interested in getting labels made for your work just search the term on Etsy and you’ll find there are a bunch of companies willing to do small runs. They are supremely affordable and I think add a dimension of value (as well as identity) to each piece you send out of your studio.

Design your own with these tips in mind:

  • • include your website
  • • choose colors that ‘go’ with your work
  • • have the mood of your choices match the mood of your finished work
  • • include washing directions if it’s a wearable
  • • consider it a part of your overall marketing matrix