Fancy Kitty Drum Carder Logo

I love the name!

I splurged and popped for a Fancy Kitty drum carder. For one thing, I couldn’t resist the name. For another, drum carders help turn gorgeous hand dyed fiber and silky odds and ends into what they call art batts. Art batts are some kind of most excellent gorgeous in my opinion! The art batts I make I call Unicorn Fiber – because they are soft, colorful and sparkle!

Pictured are some of the first art batts I have made with my Fancy Kitty’s help.

Happyart Art Batt

Unicorn Fiber!

Having beautiful ingredients is very very inspirational for making stuff. Let me show you the almost finished pieces from the first batch of unicorn fiber I created with my new drum carder. It’s a selection of bags and to the far left the front of a tunic.

I could go on and on about how much this tool pleases me – but I have unicorn fiber calling me from the studio. Bye for now!

unicorn purses

Unicorn Bags made from Unicorn Fiber!