I finished!
Below Ropey holds the piece against the morning breeze on the deck so I can photograph it for you.

Red Cattle Dog with Felted Art Piece

My Studio Pal, Ropey, Likes this one

Here’s a shot of the whole piece without Ropey:

Unicorn and Colorful Tree

The Finished Piece – 32″ x 36″

Here are some detail shots:

Unicorn with Rainbow mane


The unicorn extends a heart suspended on a hand spun length of beribboned yarn over to the Tree of Joy in which two Bluebirds of Happiness are roosting placidly.

Happy Unicorn Detail

Look at the mane! Those curls are natural from the original sheep they came from. Curley Swirly!

Red Fallen Leaves Under Tree

Detail: Fallen Leaves

The Tree of Joy is shedding some of its leaves into the shadows below – if you were to come upon these you could collect them up and brew a most delightful tea that would change your mood instantly for the better!

Ready to hang anywhere some instant joy is desired!  32″ x 36″

Comes with velcro and removable sticky gum to hang super easily on just about any surface. $450 free postage
[nicepaypallite name=”Felted Unicorn Joy Tree Wall Piece” amount=”450.00″]