Or why no one should ever check their Facebook feed at 2am.

Yesterday I wrote that I had second thoughts about having a “Barn Sale Blow Out” of my work and one of my Facebook connections seems to have jumped to the conclusion that I was closing my animal rescue project, which, of course, I haven’t. Details on that here.

The actual comment....

The actual comment….

She gives me quite the dressing down! Pretty hurtful. Sadly, in my personal experience, stuff like this is always a part of ANY donation program. People can be so free with their anger and these days they strike hard and quick in these crazily inappropriate moments. The writer instantly lashes out completely ignoring the comments above that clearly illuminate that what’s going on is not at all what she thinks.

Here’s What She says:

“The mere fact that you so dismissively and condescendingly throw out the term “barn sale” indicates to me that you clearly have no knowledge/understanding of what it would mean to partner with the right equine rescue organization.

I’m sorry you have obviously not taken the time to do the due diligence you should about possible partnerships of this type and incorrectly believe it would “devalue” your art. (Noting here too that the basis of a charity partnership should not be all about what YOU get out of it.)

I can point to many successful artists who have supported animal/equine rescue and certainly not had their work “devalued”. Your “second thoughts” are a big disappointment and make me question your motives, sincerity and professionalism. Now, THAT attitude and approach DOES devalue your art.”

No good deed goes unpunished.....

No good deed goes unpunished…..

Yikes! She meant to sting, and it did – even though I already knew she was overreacting to something that wasn’t even true.

In fact I had announced that I wasn’t going to run an Art in the Barn Blow Out sale of my work here at home because I didn’t want to devalue my or anyone else’s art in such a way. This is a business decision. I have worked decades building a value in my work and I didn’t want to suddenly jeopardize that by offering thousands of dollars worth at a fraction of their original value in a garage sale setting. Instead I’m working to connect with charities where these paintings and sculptures might brighten some lives; like children’s hospitals and such.

My reader lashed out for all the wrong reasons because she couldn’t be bothered to read the post correctly nor any of the other 28 illuminating comments below it.

The real kicker?

She hasn’t even taken the 30 seconds to register for my free art to animal rescues program! I invite her to now. I won’t hold a grudge.

When you open yourself up the way I do, even when I’m giving away my art or my time I always get several odd reactions that throw me for a loop. Kindness gets attacked more than it should and this is part of why I dislike doing giveaways.


While I am not attaching any strings to ANY of these giveaways, often when non-profits hold fundraising auctions the items offered are devalued in people’s perceptions if they don’t go for their retail value or higher. Generally speaking, it is a sound business decision to avoid letting that happen. If that speaks to ego, then so be it. I have always preferred involving myself with fundraisers where everyone wins: Organization, Bidder and Donor. I donated for years to such organizations for that very reason!


My fans rallied round on the HappyArtMarti Facebook page and through their comments and outpouring of support the commenter has apologized and offered an explnation for how she came to be misinformed. I continue to hope she registers her rescue for the Art Giveaway program!