I am alight with spring’s gentle breezes and the joyful noise from all the local songbirds! Right now all over the place birds are selecting their mates, their perfect nesting sites and tons of the perfect nesting materials to beak-build their chick raising worlds. I am in awe of their natural abilities and ever-grateful for their happy cacophonies. I love the songbirds – even if they are miniature dinosaurs! Maybe especially because they are! Below is a recent addition into the Sonpony Etsy Gallery I maintain:

colorful needle felted bird

The Lalala Lenya Bird on Her Golden Thoughts Eggs

This Particular Piece:
SIZE: 10″long x 6.5″ tall x 4.5″ wide
NAME: LaLaLa Lenya Bird
DETAILS: Lalala Lenya Birds live at the tip tops of rainbow fruit trees. They are companions to Unicorns who might be resting. Their eggs are golden – but not the mineral gold – golden ideas! Inside each chick who hatches is yet another golden thought!