I’ve snuck in some felted this week and what a joy it has been! I throw an audio book on the iPod and assemble my “unicorn fibers” within easy reach and jump right in.

This latest piece reminds me of the way cartoonists used to draw animals in, say, the 1930’s or 40’s. There’s just something about the body shape and the eyes…. Here, see for yourself:

Little Dog Dawn

In case you’re curious – she’s for sale right here in my etsy store.

I’m wondering if you can tell why I love getting to live where I do from this pose? This is a typical summer morning here at DogTrot Hill. The rays pour through the trees that line the lane and the swell of the hill that rises up to our house gets bathed in this soft warm light. The view stops me in my tracks every time.

I believe some of the joy nature shares comes through my own work. Differently; through the ol’ “Marti filter” for sure – but then again the hummingbirds we share the space with are about as comical as anything I could hope to dream up.