Interview with Marti of Happyart

Marti McGinnis in front of her studio loading dock doors in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood circa 1994-ish

Interview With Marti of HappyArt and Wendy Costa

A great friend from Marti’s art show days has decided to have an “interview with Marti” be a part of a new project she just launched.

photo of wendy costa for an interview with Marti post

A recent capture of Wendy Costa

You see, Marti is having the best life as an artist! She has been fortunate enough to meet amazing creatives from all over the U.S. and well beyond. Really, wherever her travels have taken her: Germany, Fiji, The Philippines, France and now Mexico. Everywhere she lands, she connects with her tribe; people full of the creative drive who have built their careers, even their whole lives around their unstoppable passion to make things.

Wendy Costa is one of the truly inspirational people Marti has met on her journey. Because they met before cameras on cell phones were a thing, they don’t have any pictures of the two of them together at any of the shows where they both had booths.

Interview with Marti of HappyArt

Marti as she looks today….

Wendy has recently been in the process of reinventing herself because that’s what people like these two do. They adapt to the external circumstances over which they have no control – things like the economy, trends in art, changes in purchasing patterns – and create new careers as they go. They have each made a variety of popular products using their creative juices. For Marti, she has gone from painting t-shirts and selling them at outdoor street fairs to being one of the first to create digital animated e-cards for, the then brand new, and all over the place in between and since.

Wendy has added being a podcaster to her repertoire and interviewed Marti as her premier guest! Besides being humbled and honored to fill this role Marti enjoyed their hour long talk as a fun walk down memory lane.

Here’s the interview:

Skip ahead to about a minute in if you want to skip the music intro – but it does set the tone for the time in the 90’s when Wendy and Marti met!

The word Marti was looking for that describes the state of being between the dream state and wakefulness is called hypnagogia. Ok, not that big of a word, but cool nonetheless.

Harrod Blank’s “Wild Wheels” movie and book.

A great email service for positive daily emails, Notes from The Universe.

Retrospective of a Happy Artist

Below is a retrospective showing Marti’s path through creative pursuits over the past 3 decades. This is a super small sampling of her creative output.  She’s turning 60 on January 1, 2018 and is looking forward to a lot more creativity! And here is a link where you can purchase the latest in wearables, books, prints or home fashions from Marti. Oh! Want an illustration or an original instead? Oh and customized boots available here.