This week the network I run for equine advocacy and rescue got the most amazing gifts from two uber-dedicated animal lovers.

pink peep driving hoho

Jo Bunny in her hoho-mobile

The first was a HUGE box filled with garbage bags stuffed with the super soft fibers from a herd of alpacas. It was sent by Jo Bunny an equine message therapist who lives and practices in Massachusetts. The other came from the exact opposite side of the country, from Sabrina in Washington state, and was filled with the fiber of her formerly hot cashmere goats!

What makes these donations so awesomely excellent is when I’m not championing equine advocacy issues I’m an artist. What’s more, I’m an artist who recently discovered the absolute joys of felting!

bag of alpaca fiber

There were tons of these in the box!

The magic of this medium is when you add water and elbow grease motion to animal fibers the tiny tiny barbs on each strand of hair start to get catch and get entangled with each other.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the ‘dreadlocks’ in the mane or tail of a horse, or found big globby blobs of shedding fur all bunched up within a dog’s fur – then you’ve experienced seeing results from the natural felting process.

The massive amounts of raw materials from Jo and Sabrina – gals I’ve only ever met on Facebook, by the way, I have what I need to make a whole bunch of felted creations to sell to raise funds to keep going and maybe even look at some upgrades depending on sales.

Here’s the first piece made from Jo Bunny’s donation:

Gray Pony Pink Bunny felted rug

Gray Pony Pink Bunny JOY!

It’s available in my etsy shop! I will be adding more pieces for you to choose from as they’re completed.

I can’t thank everyone involved in this project, from every angle, enough including:

  • Jo Bunny and Sabrina
  • The users of the site
  • the advocates and rescuers of horses everywhere
  • the people who support our efforts
  • and people who act on compassion in their every day lives.

This is hard, sometimes even disheartening, work we do helping equines but support like this that results in colorful soft optimistic art makes the hard times a lot easier to bear!

Sabrina also sent some beads and baubles – so look for these to be added to some of the scarves and purses in the near future, too.