HappyArt News

Today’s HappyArt news offers a recap of what I’ve been up to artistically! Check it. Let me know what you think! Comment here, oor on any of my social media accounts.


Recently I’ve been drawing and writing a whole bunch. I’m in the midst of another inspiration assignment in which I am creating a new drawing at least 3 times a week, often a whole lot more. You can follow that action by following my HappyArt Facebook page or Instagram account. Some of these new drawings have been made available in the offerings below.

A big part of the inspiration for this new dedication to creative outlet has been the news, nationally and globally. There are some pretty scary stories circulating. So unnerving, in fact, I had to go on a news fast. It’s been almost a week since I tuned in to any news program. Sure, I catch whiffs of stories on my personal Facebook feed, but I can scroll right by if it hits my heart too hard. Some may say this is a cop out, but the fact is, I have a personal Mission to help this world be a merrier more joyous place.

I can’t do that if I feel like I need to hide under the covers. Ugliness hits me hard and impacts my ability to make this art. The feedback I’ve received for this decision is largely supportive, and while you may not agree with my motives, you may agree that having more HappyArt is a good thing for the planet right now. You can always comment below. 🙂

New Apparel

Happy Ponies Tunc DressFirst off, I have a new dress design! I created it using an illustration for the children’s book I’m working on. It’s called Ponies and Ice Cream and I just ordered one for myself. These dresses look great with leggings or jeans! Check it out here. Oh how I wish I could give you a sneak peek at the story that goes with this illustration, but I need to polish it first. I think you’re going to love it though!

But I didn’t stop with the new dress design, I also added two new scarf designs and – awesome news – the prices on these are cheaper, the colors brighter, and a new size is on offer! Check the whole line up here.

New Prints and More!

Also new are nine new print designs available in my shop in this link.  I played with some of the prints in various frame and mat choices below. YOU get to make your own selections when you purchase. Try it out, it’s fun!

Illustration Service

Illustration from HappyArt.com

Have you ever wanted to have a HappyArt piece for your business or organization? You can! You get digital friendly art that can be used as logos, post headers, post illustration, brochures, business cards, you name it! Full details in this link.  Right now I’m working on a cartoonish drawing for a fun book project, as well as some t-shirt designs and illustrations for a children’s book – for amazing clients one and all!

New Stuff Samples