Gifts From the Dream Plane

Sometimes when I awake I’m accompanied by a quote or a saying that seems to have been percolating through my dreams. This morning had one such gem:

Kindness is usually an act of courage. Animosity is usually an expression of fear.

It took some time to poke through the fog of the morning, but when it arrived I knew it was in response to my ongoing dismay over the news I get exposed to as, I guess, an average American. There are a lot of awful posts that roll down my Facebook news feed and if you’re a consumer of television, radio or other  network news you’re familiar with how information gets passed along in usually an explosive and titillating manner.

Basted in Badness

If you’re at all connected to standard fare it’s sort of like you get basted in badness. While I conscientiously consume alternative outlets for information so I don’t get too overwhelmed, I like to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s ‘normal’ so I can create art that helps negate the effects of that barrage.

Sometimes it takes a little effort to reach beyond the standard stuff - it's always worth it!

Sometimes it takes a little effort to reach beyond the standard stuff – it’s always worth it!

think if I had to point out some major misconceptions that seem to be repeated time and time again through regular outlets it’s that kindness is generally glossed over as an incidental to what’s ‘really important’ (those feel-good stories the half hour evening network tv news shows end with these days come AFTER all the horrific, nasty, gossipy other stuff, for example.) As for anger and animosity; issues that exploit these emotions tend to paint them as ‘important responses’. I have been publicly lambasted on more than one occasion for trying to insert levity into a so called ‘serious’ discussion thread.

How Can One Cope?

But here’s the thing: humor is very often a concerted effort to illuminate the core aspects of an exchange, not circumvent them. Fiscal cliffs, gun control, terrorists topics – these all have to do with expressions of great fear. Reaching beyond those fears to gain access to the kernels of Truth within them doesn’t seem to sell advertising  so unless we step up and look for healthier viewpoints we have to carry on vaccinating mindsets against negativity using our own guile and support systems.

Guaranteed Happiness

A connection from my Facebook page posted a link to a stream of good news about small and seemingly perpetual acts of kindness at a subway in England. It’s worth a click to see. Heck, probably worth a bookmark for when you’re feeling crumby!

Connect with my Posts!

And that’s a huge part of why I do what I do. It’s my Mission to help this world be a kinder less fearful place one painting, drawing, story, quote, blog post at a time. Check out my Facebook Page – click Like and have some guaranteed happier moments get added to your regular Facebook newsfeed. Subscribe to my blog here or bookmark it and visit when you’re feeling overwhelmed.