My friend, Lindy Huber, is a breeder of champion alpacas and a fiber artist of exquisite skill to boot. In addition to those wonderful traits – she is also an exceptionally generous soul who taught me some things about needle felting which freed me up to explore this fun new medium recently. The roving (fiber) I get from Lindy is hand dyed by her and as soft as the fur on a kitten’s little pot belly! Hey you should see her stuff on her blog – way cool!

Pictured below are some of my first explorations with this fun new craft. Immediately when I saw the colors I knew I would adding to my HapiLani series with this art form. So today I uploaded these ambassadors of happiness into my Esty store to see what people think! Check out their write ups – each one has a uniquely upbeat personality.

The "Eponi' Fey-Pup"

The "Hartini Eenie Meenie"

The "Squirtette"