Dreams Cleanse

I like to think that as each night melts into the next day, as we’re dreaming, conjuring new realities and playing out alternatives – in fact at the root of it is we’re reinventing ourselves from the stars down. So that when we arise the next day – we are a completely new person.

I snapped at somebody the other day


Because let’s face it, sometimes we do dumb things, and though we do our best to make things right – there can be lingering threads stuck to us from our weaknesses that can well trip us up for a long time to come unless we consciously shake them loose. Envisioning our own reinvention is one way to alleviate the residual guilt.

I snapped at a friend, and though I’ve apologized using every communication tool available today I haven’t heard back from her yet. So of course I feel bad, and this feeling is really trying to stick to me and mess up my day. But after you’ve sincerely tried to make things right, you simply can’t allow what you cannot control to ruin whatever’s next. I can’t make my friend accept my apology. So it’s up to me to quit beating myself up over a relationship bobble and move on – ready for what’s offered when and if it is, but proactively ridding myself of the guilt.

I think dreaming can help us do that. It looks like this to me:

Every Night: A New Beginning

7.25″ x 10″ – Original Drawing – Graphite on Archival Paper “Every Nigh a New Beginning” – $25.00
[nicepaypallite name= “#243 A New Beginning Drawing” amount=”25.00″]