The client decided to add a swoop of green along one end of the rug, which has been begun. Additionally a removable cotton backing has been created highlighting a meaningful quote!

The entire top with newly added green swath

As we’re entering the final stages of this piece all that’s left to do is:

  • ask the client for feedback on the newest layer of detail (the green swath) and
  • any other additions, adjustments and changes
  • and do a final wet felting to better meld the top layer on
  • From there a final layer of needle felted detail to add some final color and texture adjustments will done and
  • it will be good to go to its new home!

The backing – velcros on – removable

Detail showing golden sparkles – don’t mind the indentations – these will be smoothed over with final wet felting

The newly added green swoop at one end