hand dyed roving

Merino wool roving ready to be used in felting

It’s simply amazing how much great information is available on YouTube! There are all these wonderfully generous artists and craftspeople making ‘how to’ videos and posting for those of us new to one thing or another. In my case it was dyeing animal fiber. I came across a great little video that showed me how to steam my colors in so I can get these insanely gorgeous color blends by hand painting the dyes onto a single piece of super soft roving. I’m having all kinds of fun with this!

I’ve been buying super fine and fine wool roving as well as luxurious alpaca fiber from a friend here in Kentucky. I dye these and then have been felting them into things like scarves and even larger ‘tapestry’ pieces. The first one below shows the joy of being with equines – including my favorite – the unicorn!


unicorn felted tapestry

Unicorn Tapestry

Completing that one gave me the courage to go ahead and do a full fledged story tapestry. So below is a detail photo of my “Sleeping Bear” piece:


sleeping bear story

The Sleeping Bear and the Daisies

Eventually when I get good photos of these pieces they’ll be offered for purchase in my “SongPony” Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/songpony)

It is a real joy to be able to work with a medium that has such rich colors, is perfectly sustainable, eco-friendly and soft! Look at these green alpaca fibers – don’t you just want to touch them? The real beauty here is what I’m making – the scarves, the purses, they’re soft and durable. This felting stuff is magic!


hand dyed alpaca fiber

Hand dyed alpaca fiber