400 Mornings – Volume 1

And so far the reviews are mind blowingly positive! I can not begin to express my gratitude to everyone who has gone out of their way to review the book and write a sentence or two about their thoughts on its amazon.com page. Wow. I am floating on a little cloud of gratitude.


Creative people like to challenge themselves
Doing so keeps their ideas fresh and their juices flowing. It’s not too difficult to produce amazing stuff when you’ve got a studio full of things to play with but what happens when a wildly creative artist is limited to just a piece of paper and a pencil? Marti McGinnis is an artist who makes art with a variety of media (www.happyart.com) but she wanted to see what might happen if she just stuck to drawing with just a pencil on paper for a year, once every morning. “400 Mornings: Artist Dreams + Pencil Drawings” is a visual journal that features over 400 drawings or one sketch a day for over a year in the life of one very imaginative individual. The collection starts out simply enough then begins to build momentum as time passes and the project progresses. Eventually you can even start to see her drawing skills improve! As time unfolds in this drawing diary you see Marti become willing to tackle increasingly odd scenes and ideas; difficult for her but fun for the reader!

What’s Inside:

  • unusual wishes and hopes
  • inspired visual commentaries
  • drawings of animals; real and imagined
  • drawings of dreams and connections
  • sketches of a chubby miniature horse and his many foibles, vices and hobbies and
  • an ever-present sense of optimism and gratitude

All in this sequence of  pencil drawings, done one after another. Deceptively simple in nature, but charmingly poignant, thought-provoking and inspirational as well.

Take a Look!

Here are a few reviews as they appear on amazon.com:

  • 400 Mornings book cover400 Pages of imaginative, original drawings!

    400 Mornings book cover400 Pages of imaginative, original drawings!

    From Anne L.
    Yet another incredible work by Marti McGinnis that captures the imagine with her flow of creativity, vision and fun! So honored to have some of the original drawings to go with this amazing work. Outstanding! Simply outstanding!

  • Mimi P. says:
    Marti McGinnis’ 400 Mornings is a delightful collection of drawings, also along with what I consider, as a fellow artist, to be stellar advice concerning creativity, discipline and making art!
  • Scooby B. says:
    A happy and whimsical glimpse into HappyArt’s world of harmony between man and beast. There is simply no way to look through these pages without a smile, a giggle and an “awww”. Thank you Marti for giving us all a vision of something to dream about. HappyArt is always just that, Happy!

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Who’s The Artist?

Multi-faceted, Marti McGinnis blogs, paints, draws, writes poetic ditties and slaves after a very demanding snarky little equine who has more followers than she does. “I can’t draw very well.” McGinnis claims “So this book should be pretty inspirational to anyone else who thinks that about themselves too.” 400 sketches later her quirky style demonstrates that everything becomes meaningful when you apply enough consistent effort towards it.