Joy Rider Custom Cartoon Paintings

As a horse lover and natural horsemanship practitioner herself, Marti understands the strength of the bonds that form between human and equine partners. This series celebrates theses individual partnerships! While some of these paintings are available ‘off the rack’, Marti encourages you to consider commissioning one to commemorate your own special partnership with that equine pal of yours or someone you know.

The proceeds go directly to help fund the equine advocacy and rescue network Marti maintains at So it’s not just a good gft to yourself or your loved one – it’s a gift to needy horses too!

How to get yours:

  1. Just message or email a good clear photo of the two (human and equine)
  2. Decide what pose you’d like, tack for horse and outfit for person
  3. Suggest a simple background or just let me go with what looks best with their style and colors
  4. Pick your size:
    8″ x 10″ x .75″
    9″ x 12″ x .75″
    11″ x 14″ x .75″
  5. email to happyartstudio (at)

Several of the sample in the slide show are available for purchase. Scroll through and see if there’s one you love!