Happy Ponies (and Other Equines)

To know Marti is to know Marti loves equines! In this collection she plays with her knowledge of equine behavior and language (Equus) and playfully pairs that with her jubilant work. Marti will paint one of your own equines based on some easy to answer questions for you to complete. Some in the slideshow below are available to purchase immediately – so scroll through if you’re interested! Prices are reasonable and based on the size and details desired. Marti keeps these prices attractively low to help her fund the maintenance and upgrades for the equine network she runs at www.equineconnection.org. It’s all completely free for users and helps connect advocates and rescuers worldwide. Use the contact link above to get in touch to have Marti make one for you!

silly cartoon ponies

These two ponies find their own trouble

cartoon fjord horse

A custom order of a horse and his girl

magical white horse

Here’s another rescue commemorated by his biggest fan and rescuer