Animales Felices

Animales Felices – Happy Animals Book + Learning Program Project

The Main Goal

To provide a bi-lingual Learning Program and Book on the topic of inspiring kindness to animals to be given away FREE to children of all ages attending selected schools in Mexico and available at low cost to people elsewhere. Follow progress on the Project’s Facebook page here.

Secondary Goal

To promote literacy in school aged children. Research has demonstrated that pairing text with relatable pictures, drawings and cartoons helps children with their reading enthusiasm and comprehension, most especially with boys who tend to lag behind.

A sample illustration from the forthcoming book

Carol L. Tilley, a professor of library and information science at the University of Illinois, says that comics are just as sophisticated as other forms of literature, and children benefit from reading them at least as much as they do from reading other types of books. (Learn more)

The Project Team

  • Marti McGinnis
    Artist, Illustrator and Writer, Marti has a passion for promoting a positive outlook through her work. Her work with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Fiji and the World Health Organization as a Peace Corps volunteer was creating and then teaching from, a 100 page comic and story book on the topic of Health Education entitled “Worms and Germs” for the children of Fiji was successful by any measure. Kids of all ages love pictures books and will assimilate the information they learn by reading them in uniquely retentive ways.
  • Alejandra Rosas-Lewis
    Directora, Secretaría de Educación de Guanajuato SEG (Principle of local school district in Guanajuato, Mexico)
    Will co-create the school Learning Program to accompany the Animales Felices – Happy Animals book and ensure that the contents adhere appropriately to relatable school curricula. She will also head the English to Spanish translation of the materials.

The messaging in the Book and Learning Program will be on promoting children’s own natural kindness and imparting information on animal care


Project Details

  • Book: 100 full color pages, professionally created and produced (was 40 pages has been boosted to 100!)
  • Full Book Outline – Click here
  • Paperback or Hardback depending on participation of a Patron
  • Original Illustrations, Stories and Cartoons
  • TOPICS: primarily cats and dogs, but also goats, chickens, cows, burros, horses and wildlife – general care, useful information (dog and equine body language for example in pictures, inexpensive pet food recipes, alternatives to chains, etc) and a page of local resources with limited budgets in mind.
  • Learning Program to feature, drawings to color, informative program, visit by the Project Ambassador Animals: Iota McHippus a miniature horse and Tingo McJingles, a dog.
  • Targeted to be Released late summer, 2015
  • First Learning session slated for fall 2015 in 6 classes in a grade school in Guanajuato
  • More Schools to be added as interest and donations gain momentum
  • Children must participate in the Learning Program to qualify for a Free Book

Projected Developmental Costs

Projected Cost of Book to Create and Produce – $1085

  1. Expenses: $500 living expenses for the month the book is in full-on production
  2. Book ART: no additional charge
  3. Book Design:  no additional charge
  4. Book Translation from English to Spanish $250
  5. Book Submission to printers: MartiMu Marketing, No Charge
  6. Other Direct Charges: $85 to purchase ISBN from IngramSpark SKU is free
    (ISBN is free through CreateSpace)
  7. Develop Learning Program – $250 to work with Mexican School Principle; logistics, translations, etc.

We raised $2726.00 through our IndieGoGo campaign!!

You can still donate ANY amount! Click here.

We’re turning every dollar, every peso given into hope and kindness for animals in Mexico and the United States.

Additional Schools 

$700 – $1350 each

  • $5.50 per book per child (average 100 – 200 students or $550 – $1100)
  • $100 – $200 per school Learning Program materials (Copies of Coloring Sheets and Quizzes) Crayons, colored pencils, tape. pencils, etc)
  • $50.00 assistant compensation

Book Printing

There are two main options for book printing, both companies in the U.S. from whom shipments can be made through a local shipper in Mexico at nominal cost. Should interest warrant, sourcing a local printer in Mexico to save money will be prioritized!
  1. CreateSpace $8.00/each paperback, without shipping, hardcover not available, any quantity 1 – 1000+
  2. IngramSpark $5.50/each paperback, without shipping (Hardcover $10.00 without shipping) 

Your Help = More Kids = More Happy Animals!

Main Distribution

  1. Schools
  2. Non Profit reading programs
  3. Animal Rescue Organizations
  5. Possibly also through the Ingram Expanded Distribution network which includes institutions and schools worldwide

Risks & Challenges

Because of the complete buy in through a local school principle, for the project as a whole we believe more schools will happily come on board to receive the free Learning Program and Books for their students!

Special Features!


The book will be narrated by Celebrity Mini Horse, Iota McHippus who will also promote the project at local events and attend the Learning Program when feasible. He may also officially recognize Program participants on his web blog and Facebook Page.


Other Ways You Can Help

  • Share our link with your own networks. Animals kindness and children’s literacy are topics near and dear to a great many peoples’ hearts!
  • Use the SHARE tools right here on this campaign!
  • Facebook it!
  • Tweet it!
  • Give us your personal endorsement.
  • Email us with your questions and feedback!

Thank You!! Muchas Gracias!

For the children!

For the children!

Sneak Peaks of the content, the children its for here in Mexico and the animals its ultimately meant to benefit will be updated regularly on its Facebook Page here.

Funds Raised to Date

Book-o-Meter: about 1000 books funded so far!

  • Project launch from the sales of original painting created and sold by Marti McGinnis right here.
    (There are several left!)
  • Donations from:
    Janet S. in Michigan
    Beverley B. in Illinois
    Lindy H. In Kentucky
    Jo B. in Massachusetts

Projected Costs

Projected WHOLESALE cost of book per paperback copy:

CreateSpace $3.65 (without shipping) (Hardcover not available)

IngramSpark $2.25 (without Shipping) (Hardcover $6.64 without shipping)

(Quant. 500 = $1,066 total or $2.13 each to Texas Plus shipping to Mexico)

$85 to purchase ISBN from IngramSpark SKU is free (get ISBN free through CreateSpace)