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feeding-pupsJoin the kindly folks who crowdfunded our successful campaign on IndieGoGo!

We set our hopes HIGH for our IndieGoGo campaign with the thought that if we met our goal we’d be WAY ahead of expectations. Instead, guess what, we HIT OUR MARK square on the head! We wanted $2500 and we got $2726! WIN!! This gets this project LAUNCHED BIG TIME!

Now the funds we raise will simply help us EXPAND OUR REACH! We’ll be able to print more copies of the book and get it into the hands of even more children!!

Make a one time donation to the project via Paypal using the buttons below. This is not a 501(c)3 and is unfortunately not tax deductible – but this project is operating at 100% non-compensated free labor at every level by Marti McGinnis. 100% of your donation will go directly towards getting these books into the hands of children for whom most it will be their very first very own book!

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Want to be a part of it? You can! Select from below.

THANK YOU! Muchas Gracias!


Cheerful Chick $5.00 donation (about 2 books) Public Thank You on our social media and web page.


Kindly Kitten $10.00 donation (about 5 books) Everything above AND personalized Thank You email.


Positive Puppy $25.00 donation (almost a dozen books!) Everything above AND a post with your pet on our Facebook page and web page wall of generosity if you would like to contribute this in their honor.


Brave Burro $50.00 donation (Almost 24 books!) Everything above AND a mention on the Thank You page in the book.


Sponsors will have their names and/or businesses listed in the back of the book with desired contact info and a short description of

#10 "Best Buds" $125 SOLD

#10 “Best Buds” $125 SOLD

their organization or interest. Being associated with this project will be a fully pro-social, pro-animal kindness action that will in kind cast a warm feeling back to the sponsor’s interests.

Gifted Goat $100 – Everything above AND one of your pets or the animal of your choice, commemorated in one the illustrations in the book.


Caring Calf $250 – All of the above AND the original art used in the book that features your pet’s likeness! Will be an acrylic painting on board ready to hang or frame or gouache on acid-free paper suitable for framing.


Happy Horse $500 -Everything above AND a 400×400 pixel web ad on the Book’s web page for 12 months as well as a blog post highlighting the animal-friendly organization or project of your choice.


Ultimate Unicorn of Joy $1000 –  Everything above AND original drawing based on YOUR choice of animal-friendly organization to be printed and distributed through the School Learning Program associated with the distribution of the book. Can be given on behalf of an organization you support. Drawing can include organization’s messaging and contact info. Contact for further details.


Become a Patron

Rainbow Pegasus $2500 – Everything above AND a banner on the book’s main web page as well as your professionally designed full color ad or message on the book’s back cover on a minimum of 1000 copies. Can be given on behalf of an animal friendly organization or project you support, if they agree.