Tbe Learning Program being designed to accompany the “Animales Felices – Happy Animals” book got a huge boost yesterday from the inspired help of school principle La Directora Alejandra Rosas-Lewis and all the teachers and students at the Elementary School in La Campana, Guanajuato, Mexico, just outside San Miguel de Allende.


The Elementary School in La Campana has a beautiful garden that is tended by one of the moms

Alejandra and I have been working together on coming up with ideas to create a fun and interesting set of activities to set the stage for engaging the children on the topic of animals and kindness. Turning the idea over to her amazing teachers, they all stepped up and created a program for the children’s day.

Jalpa-000I arrived in my painted car and that sort of demonstrated to everyone who hadn’t met me yet, that I might be a sort of different guest than they’re used to; a creative one! Highlighting creativity as an important aspect of this project is one of our goals. Next, Alejandra discussed the project as a whole in an assembly with all the children and introduced me. She told them how we would be visiting each classroom to see what they were up to throughout the rest of the school day, and to listen carefully to their guest teachers and have fun!

Here’s what the teachers had planned:

  1. Traded classrooms for the day. So the 6th grade teacher traded with the 3rd grade teacher, etc – so everyone had a fresh outlook (a touch of brilliance in my opinion!)
  2. Read a story to each group of kids – all different. Some funny, some a lesson in morals, etc.
  3. Had prepared an art project for the children to tackle next; again no two the same, which they worked on until lunch.
One of the teachers giving an inspired read to the story she selected to share

One of the teachers giving an inspired read to the story she selected to share

Not everyone had time to finish, so they’ll get some additional time to do that later in the week. But what they were able to accomplish in the time they had was nothing short of inspired! Take a look at the photos below.

For a premier event, I have to say this group of talented and motivated teachers along with their Directora have exceeded my expectations tenfold!