pinterest screen shot

Absolutely random Pinterest screenshot

Ok, so I’ve toyed with Pinterest for a couple of months now – and basically it seems to be a site that’s pretty much all about consuming. Shopping, food porn, home and garden upgrades, weird shoes, awesome outfits, rainbow hair and this sort of thing. I’m not saying that’s all bad – but it doesn’t quite scratch that itch I have for wanting some substance to bubble out of the screen.

Mind you, this is coming from an online shopping enthusiast and make of stuff that gets pinned and repinned. So, yes, I’m benefiting from the experience a little – but not to the extent that goes much beyond feeling sort of like a buffet that features mostly carbs.

Whenever I check in or pin something I feel like I’m consuming what’s been created rather than creating something. This is probably the whole idea, lol. Is this your experience too or are you getting something out of it I’m missing. Tell me, because being a visual person I am so motivated to have this do something more for me!