This past weekend I spent an absolutely pleasant time in Paducah, Kentucky showing my new felted work. This was my first festival of the season so I was keen to get feedback on what I was showing. Of course in the studio I just let the creative juices flow, as this usually gets me to a very good space artistically. But you never know how others are going to react until you actually put it out there for them to see.

Because a large portion of the crowd in this charming northwestern town on the Ohio River were what we might call ‘beginner collectors’, I wished I had developed an item to help them walk that gentle bridge. There’s a rule of thumb in the art show world about pricing. Nice round, easy to digest numbers are usually the most successful, and it is always wise to have something at the low end of the pricing scale to allow for beginners.

So with this in mind I am developing a line of smaller wall hangings that just about anyone can afford! They’ll be priced from $20 to $25 and will ready to hang with a little story about the process and my artist’s statement.

What do you think? Any feedback is always appreciated!

felted wall hangings $25

New! Compact Felted Wall Hangings