Making Art is a Sacred Practice

When I go through the door of my studio and set about the day’s creative pursuits I enter a space in my heart and my head that is sacred. I truly do believe that making art is a sacred practice. My hopes are that by tapping into an authentically conceived and expressed goal that the work aspects of making art will allow me to revel in the process and not feel stuck as I go.

How Does This Play Out In Real Life?

For me it is as simple and as necessary as doing the following:

  • Get grounded for the work (and play) to come. (eyes closed, intentions set, a couple of deep breathes with this in mind)
  • State a hope, a wish, a prayer that what I am about to do will serve a higher purpose.
  • Set intentions to create something that brings joy, to me, and to others.

With my art my goal is, and has always been, to help alleviate suffering and perhaps make this a slightly better world because of these efforts. I mean, heck, I have called what I do HappyArt for about twenty five years so far! Happy for me and happy for you hopefully.

Not A Religion…..

….but an ongoing dedication to a set of very spiritually based practices. I think it is this way for so many of my artist friends, too. We’re not worshipping our processes, mentors, inspirations or ourselves, but we are hoping for deeply satisfying connection. Connection with our collectors, followers, supporters, mentors, each other and you! If we can build a community surrounding the creative work we do we are in heaven! OK, that’s sounds a bit religious-y, lol. But you catch my drift, right?

When we connect, we know we have accomplished a foundational goal not just in our creative lives but in our personal lives as well. Because for us those two aspects of who we are are pretty much inseparable.

Why We Do It

We toil for so many reasons:

  • It is our natural drive
  • We want to help the world be a brighter, happier, more connected place
  • We may be able to make a living at it
  • We cannot do otherwise

How You’re Involved

You talk to us and share your thoughts on what we do. No, I don’t mean just compliment us (though that’s always welcomed), but you tell us how a piece may have inspired you, or touched you. You may have an idea for us to try! You tell us how a piece bumped against your thinking negatively too – because we’re talking about real true dialogue! Art and art makers can handle any and all types of reactions to our work. We know we’re on a good track when what we do generates some sort of buzz. Doesn’t all have to be positive.

Thats’ why you sometimes bear witness to art that seems confusing, or ridiculous or can even make you a little angry. It’s the work of an artist who may be seeking to initiate that sort of discussion. As practitioners of material spirituality the news we have to share may not always be comfortable, you know?

How You Support Us


  • Buy our work
  • share our posts
  • tell your friends about us
  • scout out opportunities for us to reach more audiences
  • network with us
  • tell us stories
  • make remarks on posts
  • give us feedback
  • challenge us!
  • And all the other stuff you do to help artists pursue this important work

What’s Left To Say?

Thank you! Gratitude and expressing heartfelt thanks are super important aspects of this entire exchange and process. Making art is a sacred practice and giving thanks is the prayer that binds the best parts of this practice to the soul.

So Thank YOU and thank everything that allows this exchange to happen.

Making Art is a Sacred Act

This is why I do what I do