In the midst of pairing down one’s possessions one comes to find several venerable outlets of utmost import. These are:

  • Your friends
  • Your kin
  • Goodwill Craig’s List
  • and eBay

ebay-logoAlready Mikey has managed to score five hundred bucks for an old truck we thought we were gonna have to pay someone to remove! And I’m not doing too shabby myself. I am combing through everything I own and it gets adjusted into one of those categories above. At first it seemed like an overwhelming task but now I eyeball just about every single object in my life and weigh its potential usefulness in what will be our new lives in the high plateau of interior Mexico.

Some items I offer go for way less than I thought they would, then others will inspire some sort of maniac bidding war in the final seconds and go for double what I imagined!

Want in on the fun?

Check out my latest offerings. There’s gonna be a mini feed in my sidebar until we I sell everything! —->
More stuff is added all the time so check back. Some art will eventually make it into the scheme too, I assure you. Stay tuned!