As many of you know – I am big on compassion towards animals. I mean, ok, people too – but animals are sometimes – often – way more forgotten. So it should come as no surprise that I try to do good things when I can for people who help animals.

In this case it’s the Catskills Animal Sanctuary in New York. They have created an imaginative fundraiser that combines art and animals. Uh oh, totally up my alley! They call it their “Foolsgold Art Benefit”.

What we’re supposed to do is select an item we’re willing to send over and let them decide if they want to include it in their fundraiser. It has to be pretty small – so I was limited in my choices. Anyway, here’s the 3 that fit the bill. Which one should I offer to send them? Just comment below OR on my Facebook wall.

Thanks for helping!




#3 (felted purse)