tattoo design for horse rescuer

Without color

My friend Sabrina is a wonderful person and a compassionate horse rescuer. She asked for me to draw her a tattoo design to take to her local ink artist. I kept putting it off because having a small tattoo myself I know the pain involved with the drawing I do. I managed to get the line drawing done – but couldn’t bring myself to add color. You see ,when it’s a tatto each color represents many many more jabs with the needle!

But today’s Sabrina’s birthday and it was time I finished this up for her. So. I did. She likes the results and doesn’t seem to mind the amount of color I added. I told her to tell her inker artist that this can be a guide – not an absolute! All the color doesn’t have to be completely filled in!

I’ll post an update when she actually has it installed. I wish I wasn’t such a wuss – I sort of want one like this now…..

tattoo design for equine rescue

The colored design