Lindy Huber

Lindy on the Trail

Generous Soul

I have some very amazing and inspirational friends. Among the most versatile has to be Lindy Huber. She has talent out the whazoo and happily shares the bounty of her skills any time I ask. Yesterday was no exception. I had mentioned that I would love to learn how to do some canning so this brilliant can-do pal invited me over to put up some pickles! I live in the country. I have a garden. I need to know how to do this! So we did!

Bread + Butter Pickles!

Gorgeous Studio

She also invited me into her gorgeous studio nestled against a forest backdrop that overlooks her horse’s pasture to learn how to use her drum carder. “What’s that?”, you ask. Heh heh, I know a month or two ago I had no idea either.

Unicorn Fiber Art Batt

It’s a crazy rolling thingie that helps assemble disorganized alpaca fluff into beautifully pulled layers – depending on how it goes through the thing. It cranks by hand. Well here look at some of the “art batts” I ended up with. I’m calling it Unicorn Fiber because that’s who it looks like it came from.

Isn't she talented!?!


Lindy is too cool for words – when she saw some of these art batts stacking up she offered to spin one right then and there into yarn for me! Right there. Right then. She tore off long strips from the batt and fed it through her beautiful wooden spinner. It really was like magic watching her go! I’ll be using that unicorn yarn for something super special I assure you!

That’s not all she shares. She has also loaned me one or another of her intrepid riding mounts over the years and through the woods. Below, there we are on a rugged trail in eastern Kentucky crossing a creek! She’s on Sunday (also an artist) and I’m on Mr. G. Jones.

Contact Her

Lindy runs her own blog at LocoLindy on blogspot. Go check it out – she will inspire you! She also has a store online she tempts you with some of her beautiful felted items and hand spun art yarns That link is:

She uses the home-grown fiber from her own champion alpacas who live at her serenely situated Seldom Scene Farm in Versailles Kentucky. Oh, one more thing you should know – she hosts “Llama Treks” through her beautiful farm – it’s a totally unique way to celebrate a milestone (birthday, anniversary, etc) that’s a breath of fresh air to any animal and nature lover.