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Finding a Natural Setting – Baja California Wilderness Resort

baja california wilderness resort yurts

Enjoy serenity in a comfortable yurt

Finding this amazing Baja California Wilderness resort took some concentrated effort. Connecting with them was well worth it as the video and images below will attest. So why take the time and spend the money? Because experiencing nature on its terms is a long lasting, life enhancing experience.

For artists, inspiration can be all around us, of course in our day to day lives, but most especially when we’re immersed in a setting that is novel. One of the joys of vacationing is jumping both feet first – sometimes quite literally –  into environments and situations that are not my norm. Mikey (the hubby) and I just returned from a remote beach cove on the Sea of Cortez side of Mexico’s Baja peninsula.

Recreation = Re-Creating!

Being able to immerse yourself in a natural setting is one of the healthiest ways you can spend a week! In a recent article in the “Great Falls Tribune” my friend from graduate school, Kelly Bricker, (yep, believe it or not, I have an MS in Public Recreation from Western Illinois University where Dr. Bricker and I studied together) speaks to this very topic. She says “Researchers are finding that exposure to the natural world might not be a luxury but a necessity for healthy living. ” and I could not agree more! Certainly this has been my personal experience.

Marti McGinnis at the baja california wilderness resort

Author, Marti McGinnis, preparing for another adventure

Living with horses is a lifestyle choice that has made it necessary for Mikey and me to live on a chunk of land big enough to support them. This causes us to live in a more natural setting than many. So where do we go to ‘get away from it all’? Sometimes to the city, but, more often than not, further out into nature. Which is exactly what we did for this last vacation. We joined a small group assembled by Kevin Warren of Baja AirVentures to a small property he and his Mexican born wife own on a very remote piece of waterfront in Baja California, Mexico.

The Warm Embrace of the Natural World

To those open to it, meeting nature where it lives can be high point of human existence. The folks at Baja AirVenures who run the Las Animas Wilderness Resort have created an experience that puts the visitor within the magnificent and wild setting of Mexico’s Baja California at its most unsullied. The staff are competent, outgoing and skilled at helping people feel at home in this sweet setting. I’ll link my TripAdvisor review once it’s done so you can read more about the details.

Bring An Open Mind and an Open Heart

moonrise at Las Animas Wilderness Lodge Baja California - - baja california wilderness resort

Moonrise over the hill that forms the eastern edge of this secluded cove

…..and you will not be disappointed! Let nature speak directly to you during your stay. Take in the many scenes and sights that will literally make you say “Wow!” Whether it’s the proximity of the playful sea lions or the peaceful plankton filtering of the gigantic whale sharks or witnessing a spectacular sunrise, moonrise or storm moving in. Being a part of the setting due to the thoughtfully designed layout of the lodge and its guest yurts within a cozy cove puts you in a front row seat for sky watching. Take them up on as many side trips to view, study and interact with sea life and dessert life as you feel up to. You may become exhausted but you will not regret it!

That’s what we did. I hardly had time to draw I was so busy living in each moment. If only we could have afforded a month or even another week! But the time we did have will always be precious to me. My exposure to the whale sharks and the sea lions has cast an indelible glow onto my nature-loving heart in ways I had never experienced before. I bet we see more evidence of this in my art as time goes on. In the meantime, below are some sketches I did manage to complete during our stay. And of course, the video I assembled from footage and images collected by my trusty iPhone (sometimes locked in a waterproof case) will be a great visual reminder for me to reference when I start to forget the thrills.

A Lifetime of Wonder in Six Minutes

My recap of an amazing weeklong trip. Thank you to all who have worked so diligently to allow people like us to experience wonders like this!

The Drawings

I didn’t take the time to draw a lot like I usually do on vacation, but wanted to be out in this natural setting rather than stay in and draw. The reasons are obvious!

swimming with sea lions drawing by happyart - - baja california wilderness resort

Swimming with sea lions or the Lobos del Mar (wolves of the sea as they say in Spanish) was a true highlight and unexpected delight


whale shark feeding on plankton drawing - - baja california wilderness resort

Spotting the peacefully feeding whale sharks was its own adventure!


drawing of happy whale shark - - baja california wilderness resort

Actually swimming alongside these 25’+ big plankton eating sharks was beyond thrilling!


Las Animas Wilderness Resort beach sketch by - - baja california wilderness resort

Las Animas Beach

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