Good Folk Fest

This weekend in Louisville, KY you have a chance to buy from a collection of artists offering an unparalleled array of raw, outsider and visionary art. I’m here with my dog, JoJo’s, sculpted cans as well as some of my own work. You’ll also find hand sewn holiday Santas unlike you’ve ever seen. A creche featuring a “Jesus for Everyone” – literally about 49 more Jesus babies than usual under the little wooden roof.

The Art

Wry paintings, bad-ass skateboard art, skulls a’plenty, glass beauty, paper mache Dolly Parton and more!

There are robots made from household flotsam, paintings on rusty barn roof shards, exquisitely hand carved stone animals, junk jewelry encrusted gourds, air brushed skateboards, limited edition snarky prints – and one of a kind jewelry. The prices are crazy-competitive with ANYthing you’ll see at the mall – and nothing here is going to be found in an ordinary place like that anyway.

Wall art, Dog Art, Paintings….

The Music

And there’s a full line up of musicians with creative vision you won’t hear every day – unless you live next to a screaming cat rodeo. No, I’m kidding. Ok, sort of, I’m kidding. Let’s just call it edgy stuff. What’s the opposite of easy listening? Uneasy listening? Not sure – but I’m looking forward to the one man band showing up today. I’m crazy about that kind of nuttiness.

The Deets

Good Folk Fest is located in the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage Center –¬†1701 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard,¬†Louisville, KY 40203
at the intersection of 18th St. and Muhammad Ali Blvd.¬†Saturday 10 – 6 and Sunday 10 – 4. Admission is $10 – worth it for the original art bargains you’re going to find inside. Parking is free. Here’s the official website, and the Good Folk Fest Facebook Page.

Skeletons, hand woven baskets made from castoff stuff, cartoon paintings from me all in a gorgeous old warehouse!

Shout Out

…to Scott Scarboro, the event coordinator who has done an outstanding job assembling some of the most unusual offerings of the region. He’s also an artist and a musician, so he’s deeply involved in this orbit of excellence. His website is also home to the Good Folk Fest web site – visit him at