I’ll have a bunch of fun new scarves with me!

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I’m leaping into my intrepid colorful jalopy and heading southwest to Nashville Tennessee. My destination is a quirky-wonderful indoor art show put on by the University School of Nashville located adjacent to Vanderbuilt University. They call it ArtClectic and man, do they do a wonderful job of keeping participating artists informed about the goings on!

Every announcement has been sent on a schedule that’s super friendly to the artist and as it is these interactions that pretty much tell me the story about how pleasant this experience is going to be. I’m amped. I’ve created some colorful and winter-friendly new wearables just for theĀ occasion.

My Tribe

I’ve gone through their website and can not wait to meet the other artists participating. There is an amazing cohesion to the selection that is going to create a lot of synergy over the next few days. Talk about going to be with “my tribe” – these folks have assembled some of the closest members to my kind ever!

Their Website

…is great! They give every artist a page to build excitement before the show – and have a whole slew of parties and demos scheduled. Here’s my page.

Already Grateful

…for this fun opportunity! I appreciate the maps, driving directions, lead on an awesomely fun place to stay on the Vandy campus and the promise of the fun to come. Thank you Lee Ann and thank you all you volunteers and other wonderful helpful folks I get to meet tomorrow! Follow my Instgram feed for visual updates as the weekend progresses: happyartmarti

The leftovers from my new layered and cut out scarves are kind of nice too.